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Bikini requires Python 2.5+ and Apache 2.x web server.


  1. Copy all the files (including the hidden .htaccess file) in the root of your web site or in a sub-folder (e.g. "notes"). The folder must be script-writable;
  2. make sure the file index.cgi is executable. If not, issue a chmod 755 index.cgi.
  3. point your browser to the correct URI (e.g. http://yourserver.tld/notes/).

If everything has been set up correctly you should see a welcome FrontPage page.


If you are experiencing issues on running CGI scripts with Apache please refer to Configuring Apache to permit CGI.


See Configuration for more details.

Protect your wiki

You can use Apache file-based authentication to protect Bikini pages to be edited from anonymous users.

The following example uses HTTP Basic Authentication to write-protect site pages. Put these directives in the Bikini .htaccess file:

AuthType Basic
AuthName "To save changes please log in first."
AuthUserFile /path/to/.htpasswd
  Require valid-user

You will need to create that .htpasswd file, please refer to Apache authentication tutorial for further information.

The article HTAccess Password-Protection Tricks contains a lot of tips on how to troubleshoot issues while dealing with password protected sites/folders.

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