Bikini uses Creole 1.0 syntax to edit page contents. Here you will find several syntax elements, more are available on the official Creole documentation.

Simple text formatting

Create a paragraph by ending it with one or more blank lines. Also it's easy to write //Italic text// and **bold text**. A line break ↵
is forced with two consecutive back-slashes \\\\.


Internal links are just put between double square brackets [[ like this is link to the [[FrontPage]].

You can associate a clickable text to a link by writing its address and the text between double square brackets [[, separated by a pipe character |:

[[|link to]]

A free standing web address will be automatically linked, e.g.:


One equal sign = as title prefix make a first level heading, which is typically reserved for page title. Also, two == and three === consecutive equal signs make a second and third level heading respectively. Actually in Bikini up to three levels of heading are styled.

== Look at me, I'm a second level heading


An unordered list is made of a series of text items each prefixed by an asterisk *:

* So, this is the first item;
* and this is the second one.
  • So, this is the first item;
  • and this is the second one.

Use a hash mark # instead of an asterisk to make ordered lists. Notice that nested lists are also possible:

# So, this is the first item;
## first item in nested list;
### first item in second nested list;
# and this is the second one.
  1. So, this is the first item;
    1. first item in nested list;
      1. first item in second nested list;
  2. and this is the second one.

Four consecutive hyphens will make a horizontal rule, which will be placed after this line of text.


An image address between double braces {{ defines an image. An optional alt text can be added by separating the address with a pipe character |:

{{./bikini/images/sample.jpg|Tup island sea beach}} 

Tup island sea beach
↑ Picture from Flickr by Tom Marshall.

Note: the alt text will appear if specified image could not be loaded.

Preformatted sections

Three braces {{{ blocks allow to specify preformatted sections. Bikini will style those with a monospaced font and whitespace characters will be preserved. No further Creole syntax processing is performed on enclosed text.

This preformatted text 
will appear **as-is**.

What about the plain ol' HTML code?

All HTML code is escaped thus it will appear as such on the page, like this <table> element.


Bikini currently has full support for Creole 1.0 syntax without optional additions.

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